Vilas Rabde

  • At present Consultant Ajinkya DY Patil Univerwity Pune  
  • Secretary, Technology Transfer Association Pune (TTA)   
  • President Ham Radio Club VU2DYP Ajeenkya DY Patil University Pune  
  • Ex Consultant, India Electronics & Semiconductors Association(IESA) for Creation of Brown field cluster in Pune & Aurangabad Ex Chairman, Electronics Sub Committee MCCIA Pune  
  • Ex Director, Business Development Chheda Electricals and Electronics Pvt Ltd Pune        
  • Manager Business Development, Vishay Intertechnology  
  • Manager sales & Marketing BCComponents  
  • Manager Instrumentation Philips India Ltd  Loni Kalbhor Pune  

Educational Qualifications

Electronic Engineer, DECE, Grad, IETE 

Electronic Industry Experience

  • More than 49 years in Industry.
  • Responsible for Electrical & Electronic Maintenance with Philips India  more than 25 years.
  • Build more than 50 SPMs for Electronic Components manufacturing at Philips India.
  • Sales & Marketing with Philips, BCcomponents and Vishay for the 11 years.
  • Significant contribution in business development of 2 wheeler Automotive Electronics.
  • Responsible for development of CDI Film Capacitor and its test facilities. Capacitive Fan  Regulator  

Active member of ELCINA, MCCIA, Electronics committee, MECF Brown Field Cluster  
Active member for TTA. 
HAM Radio Operator for the past 45 years and helped during Disasters & Himalayan Car Rally. 

Winner of GS Parkhe Industrial Memorial Award of 1970 for Domestic Gas consumption  
Indicator (Patented) and many more activities……  

Visited, USA, Germany, Italy Japan, China Taiwan Singapore  
Dubai several times for businessness status  
Last year visited Korea & Japan to understand EV business