About us

The Technology Transfer Association (TTA) was established in 1991 by Mr. Y. H. Gharpure, President, TTA. It has already been registered as a society in 1992 and by Charities Commissioner in 1993. The Specific objectives of the association enumerated in the Articles of Association are,

  • To spread the scientific knowledge and technology
  • To better equipped the members to enable them to discharge their obligations towards advancement and promotions or R & D, Industry, Trade and commerce thereby leading to economic prosperity for the benefit of entire community
  • To carryout activities for the extension of knowledge in the field of management of technology and related science including technology transfer


Technology transfer innovation released in India by global industries, universities, research & development institutes and scientists.


Initiate and encourage Technology transfer activities in India. 


  • Facilitate collaborations intended for technology transfer operations, between B-2-B, R&D institutes and scientists to industry, University to industry through TTA Industry connect activities.
  • Support technology transfer operations and activities.


TTA provides following services,

  1. Technology Transfer support service
  2. Technology Transfer facilitation service
  3. Technology Transfer capacity building service
  4. Training and skills


Technology Data bank

TTA has created a computerized data bank of over 15,000 technologies available in India and Abroad and the information is being disseminated to members and others on a token payment.

Undertaking- data bank

  • Maintaining and updating data bank for Identified Resource Excerpts for Technologies Resources – Technologies  available. 10k+ technologies available.
  • Technology Bank initiative for distribution of non-exclusive technology developed by local innovators.

View technology data bank

Seminar and technology fair

The Association had organised TRANSTECH 93 and TRANSTECH 96 (Seminar and technology fair) in Mumbai and the same were attended by very large number of participants


The Association organises talks on topical subjects. eg:- 

  • "Technology development for Bulk Drugs and Intermediates- Retrospects and Prospects" by Dr. A.V. Rama Rao, Director, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad.
  • "Technology options for 21st century" by Dr. T.P.S. Rajan, Bombay Gas, Bombay.


  • Organise technology lectures. 
  • Arranging technical talks
  • Industry Academia professional tie-ups.
  • Obtain 80 G.
  • Four-fold Focus on EV Technology
    • A: Customers  
    • B: Engineering Colleges  
    • C: SMEs  
    • D: Suppliers
  • Participation in Auto Expos
  • Membership drive. 
  • Host platform and coordination for crowd sourced collaborative technology development project
  • Turn Key Plants availability Old Plants availability
  • Joint venture opportunities
  • Organising Seminars and Technology Fairs
  • Taking delegations and participating in overseas technology events
  • Publishing Newsletter

Future Plans

 To maintain  directory of  technology providers technology seekers. A register of consultants and specialists to facilitate successful transfer of technology.

Core team

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Joint Secretary
Executive Committee Member
Executive Committee Member