TTA support the industry in COVID 19 situation

TTA has initiated exclusive activities in last five months to support the industry in COVID 19 situation. The activity were outstanding and perform well toward mobilizing technology transfer process. 

COVID 19 is the time when entire industry and education sector experienced locked-down effects which was never felt before. TTA took self-initiative to get the best out of this situation. TTA organised interactions between industry and academia for sharing knowledge and professional experience which was supported by technical discussions. In the lockdown period, 50 plus such lecture meetings were effectively performed. These meetings brought excellent business outcome to the members like business offers, funding opportunities, MOU etc.

Technology transfer activities in COVID 19 situation

Outcome of technology transfer activities in COVID 19 situation

MOU: 4 MOU in place, awaiting- 2
Industry interaction: 50 meets
Participation: 700+ business owners 
Education Institute participated:
Funding proposal: 5 proposals in process
Funding status: 2 start-ups honoured LOI 

Business impact 

TTA activities empowered business worth 220 Crore. Also empowered in technology aspect, business aspect, commercial aspect, as well in the area of training and skilling. The experience and knowledge shared in TTA activities by the managing directors, directors, technical directors, CEO, institute deans, national and international business specialists.