28th year in technology transfer

The Technology Transfer Association (TTA) was established in 1991 by Y. H. Gharpure, President, TTA. It has already been registered as a society in 1992 and by Charities Commissioner in 1993. The Specific objectives of the association enumerated in the Articles of Association are; to spread the scientific knowledge and technology, to better equipped the members to enable them to discharge their obligations towards advancement and promotions or R & D, Industry, Trade and commerce thereby leading to economic prosperity for the benefit of entire community, to carryout activities for the extension of knowledge in the field of management of technology and related science including technology transfer.   Read more

Self-initiative made in COVID 19 situation: *50+ Sunday meet,  *4 MOU in place, *Empowered business worth 220 Crore*  Read more

TTA activities carried with association

BenefitGet advantage of SPPU-RPF MoU for your organisation
Intimating us about your research reuirement for your business. Your reuirement may be associated with design development, technology, business process or may be related to project and finance.
Navigate through the list of research initiatives available with SPPU-RPF 
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AdvantageResearch fellow, get the recognition of your research by the industry 
Obtain professional platform for your research work.
Transform your research into business solutions.
Convert your research in to qualified technology.
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TTA benefitGet advantage of Indstry-academia association for your organisation.
Intimate TTA about your technical reuirements. Professionals from TTA and renoned education institutes will take up a challange and work with you on your project.
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Advantahe TTAHandshake with College of Engineering Pune (COEP) 
Intimate about real life challanges and problem statement in your business. The challanges may be associated with technology, transfer of technology, productivity, performance, customer recognisation and many more.  Professionals in COEP is willing to take the challenge to find a solution. 
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